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Kelly Lewis
LMT # 15441

A dramatic event shaped the career course for the
owner of Body Balance Massage. When she was seriously 
injured in a life-threatening automobile accident, Kelly 
Lewis’ eyes were opened to the importance of massage therapy 
in successful rehabilitation. As a result, Kelly focuses on 
helping clients who suffer from sports injuries, medical conditions, 
car accident rehabilitation or chronic pain to have a better 
quality of life. Kelly believes that helping her clients to understand
why they hurt is such a huge part of their recovery.

Kelly graduated with honors from Ashmead College, focusing on 
treatment therapy and hot stone massage. She also completed 
training for Body Balance for Scoliosis Therapy. This technique 
is a gentle direct approach that corrects postural imbalance and 
decreases or eliminates pain.

Kelly and her husband have three children and Seven beautiful grandchildren. 
When she’s not helping clients, Kelly can be found shuttling her 
youngest son to sporting events, playing with her grandbabies, 
traveling or paddle boarding every chance she gets through  this beautiful state.

Jennifer VanScoyk
LMT #19451
& Cosmetology

After spending many years sitting behind a desk, developing painful postural and muscular issues where massage therapy was the only course of action that helped relieve my pain, I decided to follow a long time dream - to become a massage therapist myself and help others.

I graduated from Everest Institute with honors, with a focus in Table Thai.  Since then, I have added a number of other modalities such as Ashiatsu (barefoot massage) and AromaTouch (essential oil treatments).

After a number of years, clients were asking about facials and other services so I decided to once again go back to school. In May 2018, I completed the cosmetology program at Beau Monde Academy. With this training I will be adding facials, waxing, body wraps and lash extensions to the list of services I provide.

Being a single mother has definitely made this adventure an interesting one. While it has not always been easy it has allowed me to show my daughter that it's never too late to follow your dreams and that with hard work and support from family and friends, those dreams can come true.  I was blessed to have her by my side while attending and completing cosmetology school and am excited that she will be joining our team here at Body Balance.

Angie Self-Lindsey 
LMT #12833

Hello from Angie S
elf-Lindsey :-) 
I’m very excited and honored to be joining the Body Balance Massage Team!
Massage has been a part of my family history for year
s.  In having experienced first hand the calming, nurturing, healing affects, I decided to attend Ashmead College to fill in some of the academics behind the mystery of Healing Touch.  I graduated Ashmead with honors in 2005 and have been sharing the “Gift of Massage” within the community I grew up in over the last ten years. The more I learn, in the field of massage, my life is enormously blessed.  Giving back within my hometown, through healing touch, feeds my soul.  

I have focused my massage therapy on training in Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, Relaxation, Ashiatsu and I love to play with essential oils.

Family is very important to me! My husband of 34 years and I have raised 3 children in this community. Flexibility in life/work schedule was and continues to be a must have!   My first grand daughter was born two days after I graduated from massage school.  My husband and I  thoroughly enjoy being grandparents to four lovely grand daughters and are blessed beyond measure to have them living nearby.  Shifting with the needs of family life as life happens and being present/mindful to the needs of others is another gift I enjoy sharing with family/clients. 

My faith, spending time in nature, and massage are my top three self care tools. Something we all need to do more of, in my humble opinion and experience along life’s journey-take better care of ourselves. Very pleased to be among professionals in the alternative healthcare field advocating for just that ~We must care for ourselves in order to better care for others!  We’ve all heard it and we all need to be lovingly reminded of the importance therein.

Very much looking forward to serving on the Body Balance Massage Team!

McKenna VanSkoyk

When I was little, all I ever wanted to do was play with hair and makeup. Later it became a dream to be in the beauty industry as a career.  I would sit in front of my mirror and copy makeup looks in magazines and I spent countless hours redoing my makeup and hair, trying to figure out new looks and how to perfect others. 

As the end of my junior year in High School came around I thought I would take a medical route and went to school to become a CNA. After working long hours in a skilled facility, and being both physically and mentally drained, I decided it was time to go back to my dreams. I buckled down and was determined to graduate early and pursue this beauty dream of mine. My senior year I graduated early and enrolled in Beau Monde Academy. 

When I started schooling, I thought hair design would be my calling but as the schooling progressed I realized that my calling was esthetics. In May 2018, I graduated with a full cosmetology license and am now specializing in eyelash extensions, body waxing, facials and body wraps.


Testimonials ~

It is rare to encounter a true healer in this world.  Kelly is simply the most skilled massage therapist I've met.  Her knowledge, skill, intuition and caring personality together have healed a neck-injury that I lived with for nearly 20 years.  She has patiently restored mobility to my vertebrae, by breaking up scar tissue and softening frozen muscles.  My muscles feel like butter after a session with her.  Even better, I feel restored and uplifted by her obvious concern about me as a person.  She asks questions, shares tips, recommends resources and demonstrates home exercises.  She is a genuinely good person who discovered, developed and shares her unusual gift for massage therapy.  I'm deeply grateful to her! Don't hesitate to make an appointment with her today.  I recommend her to all my friends.

-- Jodi K

I started seeing Kelly for massage as a way to address some stress,
tension and pain that I had been experiencing for quite a long time,
related to my mild scoliosis. I had conditioned myself to believe that
chronic low back pain was just something I'd have to live with. As
I've had many massages before, I didn't expect too much other than a
pleasant experience and some temporary relief. However, now my
expectations for all massages going forward are changed forever,
thanks to Kelly - her skill, knowledge and professionalism are at the
highest level I have ever encountered. But even more importantly,
Kelly addressed my scoliosis pain directly, resulting in a huge
improvement to my quality of life over time. I am so grateful to Kelly
for helping me to understand and manage my back pain. Seeking regular
treatments from Kelly was the best money I have ever spent on myself!
I highly recommend Body Balance

-Monica D.

Jennifer is Awesome! After my wife and I were involved in a car accident my doctor referred me and my wife to a chiropractor and massage therapy, so I called Jenn. SIMPLY AMAZING!!


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